Rice Paper, Wafer Products and Edible Roses from Banquet Chocolates

Wafer Roses and Rice Paper from Banquet Chocolates

Banquet Chocolates supply Wafer Paper (also known as rice paper) in sheets, it’s 100% natural, edible and biodegradable

Traditionally rice paper has been used as the baking sheet for macaroons and other baked cakes. Nowadays the scope is much wider, with sophisticated printing using edible coloured inks and natural flavours. We hold stock of unprinted sheets in various sizes.

The possibilities are endless!...
...Bread labels to distinguish different bread, bar code labels that can be placed directly on food, edible food labels, cake tops with designs and messages and even an edible greeting cards.

Wafer Roses and Rice Paper from Banquet Chocolates

Wafer Roses and Rose Leaves

We hold stock of wafer roses—small and medium (in blue, pink, red, yellow and white) as well as stock of wafer rose leaves


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Wafer Products from Banquet Chocolates
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About Banquet Chocolates

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