Lubeca Marzipan from Banquet Chocolates

Lubeca Marzipan from Banquet Chocolates

Lubeca logoMarzipan is a blend of ground almonds and sugar. The flavour is controlled by three factors – the amount of sugar, the origin of the almonds and the addition of bitter almonds.

The more sugar in the marzipan, the lighter the colour, the firmer the constancy and the longer the shelf life.

Almonds from California are 100 % sweet whilst almonds from the Mediterranean region naturally have about 2% bitter almonds, giving marzipan it's unique bitter sweet flavour. This can be strengthened further with the addition of bitter almonds.

The flavour in Lubeca's marzipan is further enhanced with roasting in an open copper vessel. This produces Lubeca's unmistakable delicious taste.

Our Lubeca Marzipan Range

Lubeca Marzipan from Banquet Chocolates Premier

Lubeca's premier marzipan is LMCS – Lubeca Marzipan Classic Supreme – and is made from almonds from the Bari region of Italy and only from selected plantations. This high almond marzipan only contains 30% sugar and just a hint of rose extract to bring out the very best marzipan flavour.

Its application is for exclusive and selected marzipan based products or just to be eaten on its own.


Lubeca Marzipan from Banquet ChocolatesRaw Mass

Article 014 is a raw mass containing 35% sugar and Mediterranean almonds to give a pleasant and distinct flavour. There is a small addition of ethanol to ensure freshness and shelf life. This marzipan is suitable for chocolate centres and can be used as a modelling marzipan if more sugar is added.


Lubeca Marzipan from Banquet ChocolatesWith Pistachio

Article 083 PM A is a premium quality marzipan with 9% pistachios to give colour and a subtle pistachio flavour. There is a small amount of alcohol to ensure freshness and shelf life. Application is chocolate centres and confectionery fillings for truffles like ‘Mozart Kugel'


Lubeca Marzipan from Banquet ChocolatesOrganic

Lubeca also produce a range of organic marzipans – 087 is one such product and is made with 52% Mediterranean almonds and honey to give a unique marzipan honey flavour and a honey colour to confectionery and cakes. An organic marzipan made with cane sugar is also available.


Lubeca Marzipan from Banquet ChocolatesLübecker Marzipan

Certain marzipans that Lubeca produce can be called ‘Lübecker Marzipan', a protected geographical indication which is regulated by the RAL, The German Institute for Quality Assurance and Classification. Not only are there marzipans made in the German area of Lübeck, but are made with high quality raw materials and to higher standards of production. Lübecker Marzipan consists of 70 parts raw paste to 30 parts sugar and Lübecker Superior Marzipan consists of 90 parts raw paste to 10 parts sugar. Lubeca products 138, 136, 100 and 124 can be declared as ‘Lübecker Marzipan' on marketing material.


Lubeca Marzipan from Banquet ChocolatesThe Allrounder

This much lighter in colour marzipan, 115, contains 67% sugar and almonds from California to give a firmer texture and sweeter flavour. This is the go to product for Cake covering as it is easy to work with and naturally has a longer shelf life and a great texture.


Lubeca Marzipan from Banquet ChocolatesHazelnut Paste

Finally in this section, Lubeca use their expertise with marzipans and hazelnuts to make a premium hazelnut paste made with hazelnuts from the Turkish Black Sea region which are carefully crushed and mixed with sugar before being roasted for a great hazelnut flavour, dark colour and fine texture. This paste has a wide range of applications from pastries, macaroons, biscuits to bake stable fillings


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