Lubeca Nougat from Banquet Chocolates

Lubeca Nougat from Banquet Chocolates

Lubeca logoThe basic ingredients for German Nougat (or pralines) are either Hazelnuts or Almonds, Cocoa Butter and Sugar

Some grades also have chocolate or full cream milk powder. Flavour is dependent on the roast of the nuts before they are ground. A light roast having a subtle flavour and a strong roast having a strong flavour.

Colour too is dependent on the roast but can also be influenced by the addition of chocolate. Lubeca’s nougat has a great smooth melt in the mouth texture which delivers the fantastic roast flavours.

Our Lubeca Nougat Range

Lubeca Marzipan from Banquet ChocolatesLight Roasted Almond Nougat

Article 259 is lightly roasted almond nougat and is great for truffles, confectionery and for flavouring creams.


Lubeca Nougat from Banquet ChocolatesMedium Roasted Almond Praline

This dark almond praline paste is made with medium roasted almonds and chocolate couverture for distinct almond favour and a dark colour.


Lubeca Nougat from Banquet ChocolatesStrong Roasted Hazelnut Praline

The ever popular article 280 is a strongly roasted hazelnut praline with39% hazelnuts, sugar, chocolate couverture and cocoa butter for a delicious hazelnut flavour and superfine texture.


Lubeca Nougat from Banquet ChocolatesLight Roasted Nougat

This lightly roasted hazelnut nougat has 42% hazelnuts, sugar and cocoa butter and has a subtle hazelnut flavour.


Lubeca Products

Lubeca Chocolate from Banquet Chocolates
Lubeca Chocolate

Details about the Lubeca range of chocolate, couvertures and single origin chocolates.

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Lubeca Marzipan from Banquet Chocolates
Lubeca Marzipan

The amazingly wide range of Lubeca marzipan.

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Lubeca Nougat from Banquet Chocolates
Lubeca Nougat

German nougat or pralines for fillings and for flavouring.

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Chocolate Decorations and Wafer Products

Chocolate decorations from Banquet Chocolates
Chocolate Decorations

That eye catching finishing touch to your product

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Wafer Products from Banquet Chocolates
Wafer Products

Wafer roses, wafer paper and bread labels

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Company Profiles

About Lubeca Chocolate
About Lubeca

Some information behind the name.

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About Banquet Chocolates
About Banquet Chocolates

Who we are and how we work.

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