About Banquet Chocolates

Banquet Chocolates have been trading for over twenty five years, initially supplying hotels but quickly branching out to food manufacturers, supplying edible decorations and ingredients.

Our products are sourced from well established and reputable manufacturers, many having ISO and IFS accreditation and easily meeting today’s demands for quality and delivery.

Through long term trading relationships with a large number of food manufacturers, we have gained a very detailed understanding of managing both simple and complex solutions to customers’ decoration and ingredients needs.

The partnership we have with suppliers gives us the best position to meet the ever changing need of the food market; enabling us to offer innovative decoration solutions that set our customers products apart from their competition.

We hold stocks of certain fast moving items here in the UK and others are brought in to special order to ensure freshness.

If you would like a sample, more details or just a chat please contact us.


Lubeca Products

Lubeca Chocolate from Banquet Chocolates
Lubeca Chocolate

Details about the Lubeca range of chocolate, couvertures and single origin chocolates.

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Lubeca Marzipan from Banquet Chocolates
Lubeca Marzipan

The amazingly wide range of Lubeca marzipan.

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Lubeca Nougat from Banquet Chocolates
Lubeca Nougat

German nougat or pralines for fillings and for flavouring.

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Chocolate Decorations and Wafer Products

Chocolate decorations from Banquet Chocolates
Chocolate Decorations

That eye catching finishing touch to your product

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Wafer Products from Banquet Chocolates
Wafer Products

Wafer roses, wafer paper and bread labels

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Company Profiles

About Lubeca Chocolate
About Lubeca

Some information behind the name.

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About Banquet Chocolates
About Banquet Chocolates

Who we are and how we work.

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